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Helping You Build a Good Credit Score is our Passion. Our knowledge and experience for over 30 years, has removed collection accounts, past-due payments, charge offs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, judgments, medical collections, unauthorized inquiries, student loans issues, and tax liens! As you know; in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus are not permitted to report false, inaccurate, or unverifiable information on your credit report.

Speedy Credit Repair is a family operated company located in Southern California.

Born out of a need for credit repair when buying his first home, Chris Lahage, the company's founder and CEO decided to take on the task of repairing his credit which was tarnished from youthful ignorance.

Chris was not versed in this subject, but rather pioneered his way through it by making phone calls, writing letters, and even visiting the local offices of the credit reporting agencies and his creditors who he ultimately convinced to retract the negative items from his reports.

Chris was working for Toyota at that time as an entry level salesperson.

It wasn't long before Chris was finding ways to use this new "secret talent" to help people turned away for auto purchases, for credit issues similar to those he had also faced.

Chris would ultimately become the "Go To" guy who could help pretty much anyone obtain a car loan once he spent a bit of time on their file.

After less than 5 years of enjoying top sales position countless months and learning the finance end of the business while doing so, Chris became the Finance Director of Toyota's #3 most successful Toyota Franchise in the nation.

Chris was able to both maintain his function as a very successful Finance Director for over 20 years, while continuing to hone his skills servicing his private clientele within his personally held company Speedy Credit Repair Inc

Chris believes in giving a level of personal service to each client that the big companies just can’t compete with.

When demand for his services grew, Chris expanded the capabilities of Speedy Credit Repair while maintaining his strong ties with Toyota and the automotive industry.

When Chris is not working you can probably find him spending time with his wife and 3 boys by the pool, or practicing his culinary skills on friends and family.